Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Channelling Gatsby

It's been a crazy couple of weeks; prepping for the holidays and spending countless hours rehearsing for The December Project, only to realize it's over like a dream you tried to avoid waking-up from. I'm so grateful for having the chance to get back on the stage and be able to perform in that kind of capacity - especially having not seriously danced for years.  Many thanks to my friend Michael for the opportunity to collaborate with such amazing dancers and local talent, not to mention allowing me to revisit a lifelong passion once again...  

DRESS: TFNC, SHOES: Vince Camuto, CLUTCH: Vintage, BRACELET: Front & Co.

On another note, there's just something about this time of year when all the stores are decked out in their festive best. Nostalgic memories hit us like a tidal wave and we're simply beaming with anticipation for the upcoming holiday season.  Love and excitement fills the air and you're overwhelmed by the kind of happiness that manages to consume your whole being.  

In the spirit of such festive times, I've been busying myself hunting down the perfect outfits for all my upcoming holiday parties.  In particular, finding one in theme with the roaring 20's and flapper style era. Uncovering such an outfit at this time of year should be a synch no? But under a budget, boy was this quite the unexpected challenge!  After hours of scouring brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers, I finally stumbled upon THE dress and, having to gamble that it would fit in time for last weekend's party, I was elated to find everything managed to fall into place - the shoes, accessories, the look itself.  Honestly, when does that ever happen, the way you envision it to?

Looking forwards, I'm eager to get a head start on my Christmas shopping and wish list brainstorming. Am honestly quite amazed at how quickly this year has gone by and am eager to see what the next few months have in store.

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