Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Resolutions Pt 2

Jan·u·ar·y (jan-yoo-er-een - 1. the first month of the year, having 31 days. 2. a time for renewal by setting intentions and conceptualizing goals to be accomplished within a predetermined time frame. 3. occasionally characterized by frantic work overload in response to foregone productivity during the holidays.

Feb·ru·ar·y (feb-roo-er-een - 1. the second month of the year, ordinarily containing 28 days, but containing 29 days in leap years2. a lull period where activity and enthusiasm declines due to abandoned new year's resolutions, or 3. the month when one takes action to achieve the resolutions made in the prior month.

CAPE JACKET: Cameo, BLOUSE: Ecoté, JEANS: Henry & Belle, NECKLACE: Club Monaco, SHOES: Zara, WATCH: Michael Kors, CLUTCH: Vintage

January was a whirlwind month that could only be described as an insane game of catch-up. Finally, I've reached a pause, rather, a moment where I can focus my attention and efforts towards my list of goals made at the start of 2013.  Over the next year, this is my set of intentions and commitment to self:
  1. Be Not Afraid
    • Don't let fear of the unknown prevent me from uncovering my true potential
    • Embrace new opportunities, however scary they may appear
    • Don't be afraid to take calculated risks
  2. Be Inspired
    • Rediscover my passion for ways I can contribute or positively affect others
  3. Be Selfish
    • Draw boundaries and set aside more "me time"
    • Acknowledge that you can't say "yes" to everything
    • Breathe and find moments of peace and mental calmness
  4. Have Faith
    • my abilities, skill-set, and what I have to offer this world
    • Embrace uncertainty and acknowledge that the universe will find a way to work in your favor
  5. Acknowledge My Accomplishments
    • Reflect and acknowledge the ways I have made a difference
    • Unveil opportunities where I can further showcase my talents and continue to make positive, indispensable contributions
  6. Enjoy Life
    • Do more of what I love (dance, painting, etc.)
    • Immerse myself in local culture (more community events/fairs/markets)
    • Stop making excuses
What's on your list?

Photos courtesy of Christine from VancityTribe.

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