Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gambier Island Photo Diary Pt I

Summer has finally arrived. Regardless of how long you've dwelled in this city for, the sudden heat wave catches you completely off guard in an omg-this-is-amazing-but-I'm-totally-dying, kind of way.  Luckily, I had the pleasure of spending the past few days on Gambier Island - a hidden gem best known for its national park and Camp Fircom, a children's summer camp and retreat. On this particular weekend all the staff were given time off so we had the island all to ourselves.  


Your vision is constantly flooded by waterfront and endless acres of green. There is no one in sight other than the handful of staff and farm interns who remained, but even they would disappear for periods of time, leaving you to this rare form of solitude.  Despite perfect cell reception and being only a 10 minute ferry ride from the mainland, it was one of the few times I felt I could truly unplug and allow the beauty of nature to consume me.  There was no pressure to meet a deadline or involve ourselves with activities per a regimented schedule.  If we wanted to to hunt some deer*, there was archery equipment for that. Felt like taking a hike? There were trails to lead you through the wilderness, with private docks and ocean water to greet you on the other side.  And who could forget sunset canoe trips around the bay, where you could absorb the sights of bald eagles, baby seals and the overwhelmingly beautiful landscape.

While it was by no means a spa getaway or conventional camping experience, it was a truly west-coast paradise retreat. Relaxing, check. Great for unwinding, check. Ready to take on the world, check.

*No animals were harmed during this trip.

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