Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gambier Island Photo Diary Pt II

It's been such a surreal transition back to daily life.  Now that summer has set in, it's like the whole city is on vacation - almost as if a collective burden of pressure has been lifted now that the sun is out to play.  Am definitely missing my uninterrupted time on Gambier. The luxury of feeling isolated in a serene, independent kind of way dissolved any fear of failure, anxiety, pressure and the like. 

OVERALLS: Vintage Guess, SHIRT: Club Monaco, SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban, WATCH: Movado, SHOES: Birkenstocks

But as they say, life goes on. 

Sometimes it takes a bit of pause from the everyday to appreciate the challenges you've faced; to recognize the present, where you are and where you want to go.  It's moments like this where the universe provides the perfect balance to reset you with the tools and mindset to face the winding road ahead - or in my case, standing at the edge of the cliff and having the faith to know that something will catch me if I jump.  I can't tell you where I am about to go, nor predict where this path will lead me, but from where I stand, it sure looks worth the leap.

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