Thursday, October 18, 2012


A friend recently mentioned her obsession with this video, so naturally, I had to see what all the fuss was about.  It took a few views before being able to fully appreciate where she was coming from, yet even at first glance, I couldn't deny that some elements had already piqued my interest.  You could say it's one of those videos you end up looping on replay, only for it to become more addictive with each passing view.

Where dance is used as an outlet for expression, you can't help but appreciate the raw and visceral nature of the choreography in this piece.  The desire, desperation, emotional pain and frustration - so typical of any relationship - is undeniably evident throughout, completely overwhelming you as the song progresses.

Bravo to Pink - coming from a non-dance background and being able to execute the sequences of partnered movement with such gusto, took some serious work.  Particularly, the strength and stamina needed to tackle some of these moves (see 2:43), if not attributable to her gymnastics training, is still all the more remarkable.

See for yourself.  (My favorites: 0:59, 1:30)

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