Friday, October 26, 2012

A Week in Instagram

With all this erratic weather we've been having, the weekend couldn't come soon enough! Although mine begins with a bittersweet goodbye, I look forward to having some time to myself and a chance to tackle all those overdue items on my to-do list.

1. Dance Studio at SFU Woodwards 
2. Lazy Sunday with Bailey & Teddy
3. Prepping my week's worth of Green Juice 
4. Raw materials for the newest addition to my scarf collection
5. Staying healthy with a Quinoa Butter Lettuce Salad w/ Avocado and Maple Dressing
6. Print love. Great tight finds at Forever 21
7. Naughty spending necessary purchases at the new Topshop Vancouver

I can't imagine couples who manage long distant relationships without seeing each other for months on end. I've been assured that five weeks will fly by in no time and while a part of me doesn't want to let him go, another is jumping for joy at the opportunity to take advantage of this temporary freedom. For a pair joined at the hip, this will be the longest time we've spent away from each other.

Funny how absence makes the heart grow fonder.  They say a little space is for the best and it certainly doesn't hurt one's mental sanity either - you can better appreciate each other's company, and silently remind yourself to pick your battles, disallowing pettiness from ruining a good thing. Coming from one who's sole objective is to avoid the trap of being an emotional mess, I won't be the first to admit that it's not easy to step away from every situation and approach it with a rational mind.   

Granted I won't be running around town like a single lady, I'll be sure to take advantage of activities I normally have no time for -- catching up on chick flicks/trashy TV (read: Grey's Anatomy, anything Jane Austen, Revenge, etc.), organizing my life and 5 year plan and well, the list goes on ;)

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