Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Diaries of A (Recovering) Shopaholic Pt 1

After a weekend of turkey comatose overload, it's nice to be getting back into the routine of things.  Though admittedly I wish the weekend wasn't over, sometimes doing nothing and sitting on your ass all day, isn't something to be repeated for an extended period of time.

On another note, the concept of saving money for the purpose of moving out (and paying off student debt) has proven to be quite the challenge.  Especially when the bf gives you the stink eye anytime he notices a new purchase (which tends to be often), means having to resort to hiding tactics. Hence, when you do unveil the item in question, you can truthfully respond, "Oh this thing? I got it a while ago, just never had a chance to wear it..."

Just because I can't spend my hard earned cash doesn't mean a girl can't dream right? I figure making wish-lists somewhat fulfills my inner desire to accumulate new things without actually having to drop a dime...though it can't be guaranteed my self-control will always be victorious.

  1. Remy Spike Necklance ($388) - AUDEN
  2. Harper Necklace ($79.50) - CLUB MONACO
  3. Flynn Necklace ($648) - AUDEN
  4. Two Bangle Bone Set ($77) - WILDFOX
  5. Tusk Cuff ($160) - GILES & BROTHER
  6. Centurion Cuff ($22) - NEED SUPPLY CO
  7. Harper Ring ($29.50)- CLUB MONACO
  8. Helm Ring ($180) - SLEEP STANDING UP
  9. Franny Cocktail Ring ($59) - CLUB MONACO


  1. It's so hard to control impulsive shopping habits! I used to be so bad before but now I think I'm good at keeping my money, haha. I love the rings you chose! xoxoxo

    1. It's definitely one of the harder "work-in-progress" habits for sure :P